Cross Ties

TieTek Composite Cross Ties

EFG TieTek is committed to delivering reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective cross ties that meet the high standards the industry demands. From Class 1’s to transits, from industry tracks to intermodal and ports we design for every type of project.

Proven Testing


  • TieTek ties meet or exceed performance recommendations outlined by the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA).
  • AREMA recommended practices are based on Class 1 performance requirements, considerto be the most demanding.


For 20 years, the durability, safety and value of TieTek ties have been proven in use on tracks across the U.S. and at the Association of American Railroads’ Transportation Technology Center (TTC)

  • The Only Engineered Polymer Composite Tie to
    Accumulate More Than 2 Billion Gross Tons at TTC

  • The Only Engineered Polymer Composite Tie to withstand TTC’s Most Recent SRI 12B Tie and Fastener Testing


EFG TieTek is committed to the ongoing development of advanced technologies for the purpose of superior quality assurance


  • Raw material is analyzed extensively at our on-site laboratory to assure compliance with internal specifications.
  • The integrity of the formula is tested throughout the manufacturing process
  • Every tie produced is tested with cutting-edge x-ray technology
  • Mechanical testing is performed on a statistical quality control basis on every production shift

Benefits & Features

Life Span of 50+ Years

Resistant to insect damage, mold, fungi, hazardous chemicals and moisture

Maintains Physical Properties

Consistent High Quality

Eliminating Replacement Costs, Disposal Costs & Downtime

Reduced Lifetime Maintenance Costs

Uses the same installation equipment as wooden ties; both Cut Spikes & Screw Spikes

Smooth, quiet ride in transit applications