The Product:

Product Overview

Increase Productive Track Time and Reduce Costs with EFG TieTek composite ties

TieTek has developed a high-performance, long lasting composite crosstie with an estimated lifespan of over 50 years. The ties install like wood, are extremely strong, and are impervious to weather, moisture and other harsh environments. They are unaffected by fungi, insect damage and are highly resistant to wear. These characteristics enable TieTek composite ties to deliver superior long-term economic benefits, improved track performance, reduced operational costs and bring a positive environmental contribution.


Significantly reduced maintenance, longer tie life, minimum disposal costs and reduced rail down time all contribute to the economic benefits.

Benefits & Features

Life Span of 50+ Years

Resistant to insect damage, mold, fungi, hazardous chemicals and moisture

Maintains Physical Properties

Consistent High Quality

Eliminating Replacement Costs, Disposal Costs & Downtime

Reduced Lifetime Maintenance Costs

Uses the same installation equipment as wooden ties; both Cut Spikes & Screw Spikes

Smooth, quiet ride in transit applications


EFG TieTek composite ties have been shown to improve track performance over time. They are not susceptible to plate cutting or decay, and they hold spikes and screws very well, so they maintain gauge on both straight and curved track over millions of gross tons of load, increasing track reliability and safety.


EFG TieTek composite ties are 85% recycled material. Each mile of TieTek track uses approximately 2 million plastic bottles, 9 million plastic bags and 10,000 scrapped vehicle tires instead of consuming over 750 trees.

Why accept the additional long-term costs and liabilities of chemically treated wood ties when there is a better option?