OUR MISSION is to reduce harmful environmental problems by providing a sustainable solution that creates a carbon vault that locks up carbon waste.

LEED Certified

Our LEED Certified process improves efficiency, lowers and locks up carbon into a carbon vault, creating a healthier environment for our global society.

Our Sustainability Goals

Our sustainability initiative is to reduce contribution to global change, protect and restore water resources, reduce energy requirements, and recover valuable recycled resources and re-engineer into a sustainable product.

The EFG TieTek process recovers the valuable ingredients that exist in post consumer and post industrial plastic and rubber waste.

EFG TieTek produces engineered composite railroad ties and crossings that deliver valuable resources back into an environmentally superior performance product.

Our Business is Sustainability

Production of 3,300 TieTek ties (approximately one mile of track) uses 2 million plastic bottles, 9 million plastic bags and 10,000 scrap vehicle tires.

The durability, safety and profitability of investing in TieTek ties has been demonstrated in more than 20 years of use in customer applications.