In Mass Transit Magazine’s Daily Expo, Christopher Bushell, Director of Power and Way at Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), stressed the greater durability and less maintenance as two of the reasons for using plastic ties. “I would say that it’s become our standard for ballasted track.”

Bushell mentioned that over the years, CTA has used plastic and composite ties from different sources and that the products have improved over the years to make them even better.

TieTek is certainly the one we see the most of right now", he said. "The ones now are the best quality ones we've installed." When asked about the difference, he stated, "The more recent ties are more dense and more uniform.
Christopher Bushell
Director of power and way at Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
The territory in which the TieTek ties are located carries predominantly 286,000 lb. coal cars. To date, these ties have approximately 1,500 MGT (MGT=million gross tons) accumulated. The composite tie shows little if any indication of plate cutting into the tie; also there is no indication of any backing out of either the cut spike or lag screw. We continue to look to TieTek for a good quality composite tie product.
Ed Kohake
Former Senior Manager Methods & Research, one of the largest railroad companies in the US
TieTek is a model of 21st-century corporate responsibility and innovation -- recycling plastic, rubber and other disposed products into 100% recyclable crossties that deliver financial and performance benefits for the railroads.
Bruce Babbitt
Former US Secretary of the Interior
TieTek continues to show that composite crossties can be a viable business delivering quality products that demonstrate compelling value for their customers.
Donald Holfeld
Director of Field Engineering, ZETA-TECH Associates, Inc.
We have had very good experience with projects in steel mills, automobile plants, and operating railroads. The TieTek™ ties have maintained gauge, shown no plate wear and have held spikes and screws better than our experience with pressure treated hardwood ties. The ties have performed very well in both tangent and curved track.
J. Violin
President Violin Railroad Construction